By Chuck Parks, Editor

Last week Mike Finn’s wife and campaign manager filed an Equal Time Rule Complaint with Iheart Radio and the FCC claiming Scott James was promoting his campaign on his morning radio show the Scott & Sadie Show on 97.9. On the Gail Fallen Show on 1310 KFKA Mike Finn during an on-air interview admitted that they had no real evidence and filed the complaint based on what friends told him or hearsay.

During the interview, Finn stated that his wife found no real evidence that James promoted his campaign on the radio but found evidence that James had promoted his campaign on the show’s Facebook page. Hundreds of listeners of the Scott & Sadie show took to social media in support of James and claimed that he never crossed the line on his radio show with many stating that they never knew he was running for political office.

As a result of the complaint, James took a two and a half week vacation until the primary election is over. James during an interview with Gail Fallen said “He never crossed the line, never. It is a line of integrity, a line of principle that he will never cross.”

In a complete reversal of fortune for the Finn campaign, if you weren’t aware Scott James was running for political office, you do now. With a local newspaper breaking the story and multiple appearances on local radio shows by Finn to explain his reasoning, his campaign has taken a major blow as it is being accused of dirty campaigning, a type of political campaigning we have come to know so well in Weld County.

Both interviews can be heard at the links provided below.

Mike Finn Interview: :

Scott James Interview