A grassroots effort to rid Weld County of corruption on the Board of Weld County Commissioners officially kicks off today with a campaign to recall Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer.

The recall committee WECARE for Weld County (Working to Educate Citizens About Recall Efforts for Weld County) believes it is time to restore confidence in Weld County government. Recalling Commissioner Kirkmeyer is the necessary first step.

“We need commissioners who represent our interests above their own, and who govern with accountability and transparency,” said committee chairwoman Sara Mondragon. “Commissioner Kirkmeyer has not done that.”

On May 31, Mondragon, a Platteville resident and District 3 constituent of Kirkmeyer’s, filed the necessary paperwork with Weld County Clerk and recorder Carly Koppes to begin the process.

Kirkmeyer has 10 days to resign or the clerk will certify petitions to collect the signatures needed to place a recall question on the November ballot.

Mondragon said there is a long list of reasons to recall Kirkmeyer, but KIrkmeyer’s failure to move forward on projects critical for the health and safety of citizens of Weld County resulted in the Highway 85 road improvements taking more than nine years to date.

That delay contributed to the death of two teenagers in less than a year.

“One of those deaths was my nephew,” Mondragon said. “Her need to negotiate a $30 million intersection in her district came at the expense of a $600,000 fix in Eaton. Improvements on 5th Street could have prevented the grieving of an entire community.”

The petition can be signed by any registered voter in District 3, regardless of party affiliation. Commissioner District 3 encompasses most of the southern US 85 corridor, including southeast Greeley, Garden City, and Evans. It also includes the towns of Dacono and Erie.

Among the many reasons Kirkmeyer needs to be removed from office:

  • Kirkmeyer demanded the county hold a training session at a swanky mountain resort in Breckinridge costing taxpayers more than $45,000 when it could have held the session at county offices for one-third the cost.
  • Kirkmeyer devised a scheme to get corporations to pay for the trip using United Way to conceal the donations. These same corporations had business before the county.
  • Kirkmeyer kept citizens from public meetings with corporations doing business with the county that potentially resulted in financial gain for one of the commissioners.
  • Kirkmeyer has charged county taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses to drive to and from her home to work. Weld County employees are prohibited from doing this.
  • Kirkmeyer voted against Greeley, Johnstown and Windsor’s growth plans and approved an asphalt and concrete batch plant within 700 feet of homes.
  • Kirkmeyer racked up thousands of dollars in expenses paid for by taxpayers to go on a conference junkets including one to a 5-star resort.
  • Kirkmeyer sold personal real estate for more than 500 percent of its assessed value to a company with ongoing business before the county and failed to disclose it.
  • Kirkmeyer tried to keep private property owners from allowing firearms on their private property in violation of the 2nd amendment, and lied about her attempt to do so.
  • Kirkmeyer repeatedly leveraged her office for her own private gain by soliciting contributions and grants for municipalities and nonprofits, then taking a portion of those funds for her own private use.
  • Kirkmeyer engages in belittling behavior and retribution against Weld County residents and other elected officials. She fought to withhold funding critical for departments, sought to overturn bids that were rightfully awarded, and caused county employees to suffer job demotions or job losses.

We can and should expect our commissioners to act ethically and in the best interest of the public; however, we believe Kirkmeyer continually acts in ways that undermine the public’s trust and is therefore deserving of answering to us — her constituents — through the question of a recall, so that we can restore trust, accountability, and transparency to that elected office.

Anyone wishing to circulate a petition should contact Lesley Hollywood at bkrecall18@gmail.com or visit the Facebook page at We Care 4 Weld County. A website will be up soon.

Media requests should contact Sara Mondragon at (970) 315-3760 or S.Mondragon.recall@gmail.com.