Come experience this eye-opening event if you have time Sunday afternoon. 🙂 “A Walk in Their Shoes” is a refugee simulation event, created by the UNHCR, to help communities like our own understand the experiences undergone by so many refugees on their path to resettlement.

As a participant, you will be given an identity other than your own, one that is without whatever privileges you may or may not have as a citizen of this country. In taking on another name and identity, you will go through a series of events that force your character to leave his or her home. Once gone, you and your team will have to make choices to ensure your character’s safety as various obstacles are put in your way.

This event is a learning exercise that we hope will foster awareness and bridge social divides through understanding.

Register prior to September 14th to recieve an event T-shirt, and share this event with your friends; the more people we have, the greater our impact will be!

For more information, visit our event website at:

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